Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Preseason: Raptors v Bulls

I love the little factoid Doug Smith dropped today after the Raptors lost their preseason game against the Bulls:

Oh, had Tuesday's game in Chicago been a regular season affair, you would have witnessed history, had you witnessed the game.
The 22 rebounds collared by the collection of Rodmanesque Raptors represent the fewest in any game ever played by Toronto.
The low for games that count is 24, set one night in February, 1998 against Miami.

When Bargnani is your starting centre, your team will get outrebounded - unless you have Dennis Rodman playing beside him, in which case you might break even (and yes, Bargnani didn't start the game, but he played the most minutes of anyone at any position). This will be a season-long trend unless the Raptors can replace Bargnani with a centre who at least rebounds as well as an average PF.

By the way, the preseason spreadsheet will be updated every time I input new data, so its numbers no longer match the text I included in the last preseason review - in case anyone freaks out.

 - Devin.

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