Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arturo's preseason WP for all players

This article uses the Wins Produced metric to discuss the productivity of NBA players. This metric is based on box score statistics that are adjusted for other factors including pace, position and team. A general scale is given for these, and links to advanced explanations are listed at the bottom of the page.

Wins Produced per 48 Minutes (WP48) – The number of wins a player produces in 48 minutes of play. 0.100 is average and 0.250 is considered the “superstar threshold”. A player a WP48 of 0.000 produces no wins, and any player with a negative WP48 produces a negative number a wins (or, if you prefer, a positive number of losses)

I've been posting preseason EWP - that's Estimated Wins Produced - numbers for Raptors players in my Preseason Reviews, but today Arturo Galletti posted WP - the real Wins Produced - numbers for every player in the league as of 10/19!

Please note that there are differences between the numbers I've posted and Arturo's numbers - there are two reasons for this. One, EWP is exactly what it claims to be: an estimate. EWP uses Win Score to estimate WP numbers. And two, Arturo uses simple positions in his calculations. That means that players who play multiple positions are assigned to one position only, which makes the calculations slightly inaccurate. But Arturo didn't have the time to adjust hundreds of players' positions! So both numbers - his and mine - are slightly off. But his are certainly more accurate for players who have only played one position all preseason long.

I'd like to point out a few observations from Arturo's league-wide WP numbers:
  • Blake Griffin is destroying the league - making it even more obvious that Bargnani is a bust
  • Kleiza (9th), Jack (11th), and Johnson (24th) are in the top 25 for players who have played at least 60 minutes
  • Dorsey (6th) and Wright (13th) are in the top 15 for players who haven't played at least 60 minutes
  • Bargnani is 12th among players who have played at least 60 minutes....12th last, that is. Hey, at least he's better than unproductive ex-Raptor Jason Kapono.

Go check out the list, and while you're there, take a look at all the other stuff Arturo has on his great site.

 - Devin

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