About the Author

I grew up in small town about 45 minutes north-west of Toronto, before moving to Ottawa (you know, the capital of Canada?), where I completed a B.Sc in Human Kinetics and a B.Ed. I currently live in Victoria, BC. I'm tired of tolerating the constant hockey coverage in Canada, and wish that Canada’s lone remaining NBA team will one day re-attain the splendour [Canadian spelling] of a 45 win season in order to kick hockey off of the front page for at least a couple of days.

About NBeh?

This blog will cover the performance of the Toronto Raptors using (almost exclusively) data from a Wins Produced perspective. Information on the Wins Produced methodology can be found at The Wages of Wins Journal.

What is it that this blog is not trying to do? This blog will post very little (if any) novel ways of looking at basketball statistics; in other words, most, if not all the statistical methods that will be used on this blog will have already been developed by someone else (or be relatively straightforward). However, that doesn't mean I won't find interesting things to post!