Sunday, October 17, 2010

Introducing Required Readings

Up until now, it has been my policy to leave comments as is on this blog and to refrain from censoring them, even if the comments weren't necessarily productive. However, in light of the recent comments that have been left on my "Is Bargnani a bust?" series of posts, I will have to change my comments policy.

And a big part of that change in policy will be the "Required Readings" page, which is located at the top of every page under the site logo. This page will contain links to what I consider to be some of the most important articles/posts on several issues relating to Wins Produced (WP), including how to calculate WP, how WP stacks up against other metrics of player productivity, and the responses to several common criticisms, such as "WP overvalues rebounding" and "WP hates scorers".

From now on, I will no longer be responding to the old, frequently brought up criticisms of WP; instead I will be directing readers with these comments toward Required Readings. So, if you make a comment with a question/point that relates to one of the issues covered on the Required Readings page, it is likely that I will address it by directing you toward that page. If you leave a comment that has already been addressed in the past and use vulgar or insulting language, please count on your comment being deleted.

 - Devin


  1. Good for you. I think this will improve the level of discourse in the comments.

  2. Nice work. I'm going to bookmark and share freely :)