Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Season at a Glance (2/10)

Game #13 has come and gone -- time for the second team review of the season.

Last time the Raps were on pace to post a 28-38 record. Despite the decent start, I said that I expected to see that number shrink towards 19-20 wins. Where are they right now?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Season at a Glance (1/10)

It's been a number of months since my last post here, as most of my new stuff is being published on the Wages of Wins Journal. But there are some Raptor-related things I want to write about that aren't really suitable for that audience. After all, how many people care to read a regular review of the Raptors' season progress?

Speaking of regular, my plan is to post ten summaries this season, so each one will represent approximately 10% of the shortened season (which amounts to 6-7 games per summary).