Monday, November 8, 2010

Dampier is still available!

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It seems that Erick Dampier is still available after all. According to Hoopsworld, the verbal deal between the Rockets and Dampier has collapsed. Even better: it seems that his next destination is likely to be Toronto.

Despite what others may think, Dampier would be very good on the Raptors. He also has the added benefit of making Bargnani play some time at PF, which would make Bargnani more productive. I hope that this rumour - unlike the Matt Barnes debacle - turns out to be accurate, because the Raptors are in need of a productive centre.

 - Devin.


  1. Unfortunately, playing Bargnani as a PF would not, in fact, make him a more productive basketball player.

  2. In absolute terms you are correct. But given that the average power forward produces less than the average centre, Bargnani's Wins Produced would increase if he played less time at centre. Consequently, a move from C to PF makes him produce more wins and benefits the team.