Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 3 WP Numbers

Since it's Tuesday, it's time for another look at Andres' automated WP numbers (spreadsheet here):

Here are my thoughts:

  • Not really too much has changed; Evans and Johnson are still playing really well; Jack, Calderon, and Andersen are playing okay; and the four horsemen are still stinking up the joint (although DeRozan somewhat less so)
  • But Weems has improved and - in limited minutes - so has Dorsey. Wright has regressed in limited minutes
  • None of that is surprising, given past histories and preseason numbers
  • One thing the take into account: using the automated positions, Barbosa is listed as a PG - which makes him look worse than he really is - and has Jack playing more time at SG - which makes him look better than he is. Kleiza is also listed as a SG for part of his minutes, which (very scarily) means he's actually been worse than what we see here
  • At -0.9 wins produced Bargnani "leads" the league. Just thought I'd put that out there
  • At -0.6 wins produced, Kleiza is close behind Bargnani at "7th" (and remember, he's actually played even worse than those numbers indicate)
  • Reggie is now 30th in total wins produced, right around Kobe Bryant (27th)
  • Raps have played a little bit better than their record suggests, with 3.6 wins produced and only a 2-8 record to show for it
  • The bigs who should be getting playing time: Evans, Johnson, Dorsey, and Andersen
  • The guards/smalls who should be getting playing time: Jack, Calderon, Weems, and...uhhhh...either Wright (not really a small, but we're dealing with lemons here) or DeRozan

Coming up soon: team stats for week three.

 - Devin

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  1. It's simply amazing to me that Toronto's management fails to realize how bad Bargs is. It's staggeringly obvious that he's worse than worthless. To think that the Raps could be Playoff contenders if they simply stopped playing 1-2 players ...