Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Would Dampier Help the Raptors?

Erick Dampier was waived by the Bobcats yesterday. Because his $13.07 million salary was not guaranteed, it didn't make sense not to waive him, as the Bobcats were above the luxury tax limit.

Doug Smith, the man when it comes to reporting Raptors news over at the Toronto Star, thinks that Dampier wouldn't help the Raptors because "Dampier is not an upgrade of any significance over what they have, he’s a big and slow on a team that wants to be big and quick and multi-dimensional. A horrible fit, actually, who’d do nothing substantial to improve the team."

Let's take a look at this, shall we? How good is Dampier, and is he an upgrade over any of the Raptors centres?

Oh my! Dampier has been a very good player! At 35, he's bound to show some decline, but he's still quite above average. Is there any centre on the Raptors that can beat that? Here's Bargnani:

Nope, he won't do. How about David Andersen?

No good either. Joey Dorsey?

That's not too bad, but Dampier's better, and Dorsey hasn't ever played a lot of minutes. How about moving Amir Johnson over to centre (a bit of a stretch, but okay)?

More like it, but still not as good as Dampier. And we're not even going to bother with Alabi, as he is a rookie who was below average in college.

So, if I was in charge of the Raptors, would I consider signing Dampier to a short-term contract at or near the veterans' minimum? Absolutely. Even if he falls off a cliff this year, at least he would should eat up some of Bargnani's minutes.

 - Devin.

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  1. How about instead of signing good players we mock Bosh instead. Then we can make moves that justify his choice to hop ship. Sigh. . . oh Toronto. . . how about them Leafs eh?