Sunday, September 26, 2010

2009-10 Player Review: David Andersen

We've only got a few more player reviews left to do - and they're reviews of bench players who aren't likely to play very many minutes or contribute many wins next season. Up this time is David Andersen:

As you can see above, Andersen wasn't very successful in his one year stint with the Rockets, who wisely shipped him out to the Raptors for cash considerations and a future second round pick (the Rockets nailed Arturo's management principles on that one!). Why was Andersen so unproductive last year?

One big problem: he couldn't shoot. He was okay shooting at the rim (53.3%) and on 3s (AdjFG% 51.9%) but not so good anywhere else (41.8% <10ft, 46.4% 10-15ft, and 43.0% 16-23ft). The deep twos in particular are what hurt his shooting percentage the most. Even though his shot attempts and points scored were above average, those numbers were achieved inefficiently and so actually ended up hurting more than helping. His rebounding was below average, although not excessively so; same with his net possessions and fouls. His assists were actually above average and his blocks were pretty bad for a centre. Really, it would be better if Andersen played more power forward than centre (although he still wouldn't be all that productive), but with the Raptors desperate for size this year it's likely he'll be stuck at centre.

Tune in next post for a review of everyone's favourite ball-hog, Reggie Evans!

 - Devin.

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