Friday, August 13, 2010

A Step in the Wright Direction?

As kind of a side-deal to the big four team trade that was all over the internet this Wednesday, the Hornets are reportedly shipping Julian Wright to the Raptors in exchange for Marco Belinelli. How does this look from the Raptors perspective?

Here are Belinelli's numbers:


And here are Wright's:

Julian Wright is a slight upgrade over Belinelli. Belinelli has never been a productive player, and at age 24, is not likely to become one in the future. While it seems like Wright has regressed a little bit over the last two years - let's hope that a change of scenery returns him back to his old self - he is a year younger and has been a productive player in the past. Overall this trade isn't likely to make any significant difference in the Raptors' win totals next year, but it is a step in the right direction. If the Raptors continue to make trades like this, perhaps there will be fewer unproductive players on the roster when training camp rolls around.

Combine this trade with the waiving of Dwayne Jones (expected in the next couple of days) and here is the updated projection for the Raptors' upcoming season:

Belinelli's projected minutes went to Wright, and the minutes Dwayne Jones was using were split between Weems and DeRozan. Despite the changes, the Raptors still figure to win around 35-36 wins.

 - Devin.


  1. Maybe this question does nothing more than reveal my ignorance of advanced stats, but what would Bargnani have to do to become a positive WP player? e.g. if he upped his rebounding to a slightly-respectable number per 36 min., how would that effect his WP scores?

  2. I'll answer your question in my next post by reviewing Bargnani's 2009-10 season.