Friday, August 20, 2010

2009-10 Player Review: Jose Calderon

For our second 2009-10 player review, let's heed Andres' (over at Nerdnumbers) request and take a look at Jose Calderon. Here is his summary table:

As you can see, Calderon has a history of good performance. The fact that Bryan Colangelo wants to get rid of him is puzzling to me. Yes, his production has decreased for three straight years, but injuries were partly to blame last year. In my projections for next season, I have Calderon performing at a WP48 of 0.210, which is somewhere between last year's 0.154 and the previous year's 0.245.

What changed for Calderon these last three years? Let's take a look at some more specific statistics from the past three seasons:

Wins for average PG calculated from a WP48 of 0.100 over a season of 1968 minutes

Calderon is still an efficient shooter, but he has been getting worse each of the past three years. His free throw percentage dropped from an all-time NBA record of 98.1% in 2008-2009 to a strangely average 79.8% this past year. Rebounds, steals, and assists were all down, and fouls were up (not a good thing). While his shooting efficiency is down, FG and FT attempts, as well as points, have been rising. It's almost as if Calderon has been neglecting to do all the things that made him an efficient player in favour of taking more shots - or maybe his injuries cost him some athleticism and forced him to take more jumpshots. Either way, here's hoping Calderon returns to form next season.

I'm also hoping Calderon will at least split the PG minutes with Jack this upcoming season, but I'm betting that he'll be traded either before the season starts or a few games into the season. If Calderon does get traded, it would be nice if he gets traded for someone who is productive (and not, say....Carmelo Anthony), but the Raptors (and Bryan Colangelo) haven't had the best track record lately when it comes to personnel moves.

 - Devin.

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  1. It would be pleasing to see reviews of the "Young Guns". I think they're the future of this team.