Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2009-10 Player Review: Jarrett Jack

For this 2009-10 player review, let's take a look at the player who is likely to be the Raptors starting PG going forward, Jarrett Jack:

While Jack has a history of solid production, last year was definitely a career year for him. Up until this past season, Jack had only had one above-average year (although admittedly he was very close in 2007-08). This means that, although his 5 year average WP48 and total WP48 look just about average, they have been skewed somewhat by last year's very good production. Going forward, it is possible that last year was somewhat of an outlier and that his WP48 will be closer to average (0.100) next year, but I'm going to be optimistic and hope that Jack has actually improved; I have projected a WP48 of 0.140 for Jack next year.

Here are Jack's specfic statistics from the past two seasons:

Looking at these two seasons side by side, at first glance it's rather remarkable that Jack's 09-10 season was more than twice as productive as his 08-09 season, given how similar most of the numbers were. Last season he saw small declines in rebounds, steals, net possessions, and blocks, and small increases in TOs and PFs (which decrease productivity), but greatly improved his shooting efficiency and assists. As long as Jack is able to maintain these increases (or to make up for any decreases by improving in other areas), Jack will be as productive next season.

 - Devin.

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  1. Seems like every point guard that comes through town has a career year offensively. Could be the Chris Bosh effect.

    We'll see how Jack does without Bosh in the fold. I can just about guarantee that Calderon is history now that he can't run the Bosh P n R and Bosh Iso every time down the floor.