Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raptor Trivia: Pounded (or Pound for Pound: The Sequel)

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Last time my trivia question was about the best 'pound for pound' players in Raptors history. This week, I figured we should take a stab at the players with the worst 'pound for pound' seasons in Raptors history.

So, to recap, the method for determining 'pound for pound' is this:
  • take the total wins produced during the regular season (hint: think about what influences WP totals)
  • divide it by the player's weight in pounds
In this case we are looking for the smallest possible numbers, which turn out to be the largest negative numbers. Since we did seven players last time, we'll stick with that number here.

So, pound for pound, which players have had the least productive seasons in Toronto? Only seven players are responsible for the 12 worst seasons in this stat (and one of them is happening this season). Can you name them?

Warning: this one's a lot harder. No Mastermind this time; if you guess a player correctly, I'll let you know.

 - Devin


  1. Eric Williams, Andrea Bargnani, Darrik Martin, Hoffa, Roko Ukic, Michael Curry, Jason Kapono

  2. Evan:

    You got Bargnani (duh), Roko Ukic, Curry, and Kapono right. The other three are the hard ones!