Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raptor Trivia: Pound for Pound

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Last week I asked a question about players who were capable of getting triple-doubles. Today I want to ask a question based on a term that is often thrown around in sports: 'pound for pound'.

Back in the day, we used to hear about how Allen Iverson was, 'pound for pound', the "best scorer in the league" (of course, I beg to differ on that one). Frequently, boxers (the athletes, not the undergarments) are referred to as the best 'pound for pound' fighters. So, given my interest in basketball and the Toronto Raptors, what I want to know is, pound for pound, who are the most productive players in the history of the franchise?

To calculate this number, all we have to do is take a player's Wins Produced (graciously shared with me by Nerd Numbers) and divide that number by said player's weight in pounds. Being Canadian and all, I would totally use kilograms instead of the outdated and illogical imperial units, but, sadly, my data is all in pounds...and besides, the question is about 'pound for pound'! No place for kilograms here.

(As an aside, I'd also like to point out to non-Canadian readers that, actually, when measuring body weights, Canadians tend to prefer pounds anyways. I blame this illogical stance on yankee influence)

In this case, I'm going to take seasonal WP numbers instead of all-time numbers. Most players don't stick around Toronto for very long, so this gives us something a bit more interesting.

So, pound for pound, which players have had the most productive seasons in Toronto? Only seven players are responsible for the top 10 seasons in this stat. Can you name them?

Update - here are the answers to this week's question (highlight below to reveal):
Jose Calderon, Donyell Marshall, Chris Bosh, Doug Christie, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Jamario Moon

 - Devin


  1. Calderon, Marc Jackson, Moon, Donyell Marshall, Vince Carter, Chris Bosh, Damon Stoudamire, Amir Johnson

  2. Stoudamire, Alvin Williams, Mugsy Bogues, TJ Ford, Jose, Carter, Bosh

  3. Evan:

    Getting a bit greedy there with 8 guesses for 7 players, eh? :) Okay, because this questions's a little easier, here's what I'm going to do: instead of telling you which players were correct and which players were incorrect, I'm only going to tell you the number of correct answers. You have 5 correct answers. It's up to you to decide which ones to keep and which ones to replace.


    Same deal as with Evan - you've got 3 correct answers.

    This is fun - reminds me of Mastermind.

  4. Sorry I had a bunch down, must have miscounted.

    I will take Calderon, Jackson, Amir, Bosh, Stoudamire as my 5

    I will guess then that the last 2 are Mcgrady and Parker

  5. Evan:

    No worries :)

    Now, of your original 5, you've got 2 that are correct.

    And of your two new answers, 1 of them is correct.


  6. Bosh

  7. MDignam (do I know you from somewhere? :) ):

    You have one incorrect answer - good job. One of your guesses has the 11th best season (and is the #8 player on the list).

    But which one is it?

  8. I will replace Mcgrady, with Alston.

  9. MDignam:

    Now you have 5 correct answers (out of 7).

  10. Well put Mcgrady back and replace jackson with moon.

  11. MDignam:

    You got it! Good job.