Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 15 Auto WP numbers

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Hey, it's been a week, and I'm still around! What's going on?

Some good news for this week: Linas Kleiza is out for the season. Not only does that mean that someone else (hopefully someone more productive this time, like Wright) will get more minutes, but it might also be the explanation for why Kleiza has been so unproductive this year; in the past, Kleiza had been much better. There are also concerns about how the Raptors' training staff handled the injury, and the Raps seem to have a recent history of injury disputes with certain players. Oh well - what's a little more dysfunction for this franchise?

Here are the numbers for the season so far, which are Powered by Nerd Numbers (full spreadsheet here):

This week - since I covered the team's numbers last week - I'll also be using Andres' new Game Splits tool to review weekly performance.

Raptor of the week:

Philosoraptor - Who is the Raptor of the Week?

Amir Johnson: 115 minutes played, WP48 0.472, 1.13 wins produced

Donkey of the week:

Andrea Bargnani: 100 minutes played, WP48 -0.347, -0.72 wins produced

The Rest:

The Good:
  • Ed Davis: 65 minutes played, WP48 0.207, 0.28 wins produced
  • Julian Wright: 52 minutes played, WP48 0.204, 0.22 wins produced
  • Jose Calderon: 113 minutes played, WP48 0.110, 0.26 wins produced
  • Jerryd Bayless: 32 minutes played, WP48 0.149, 0.10 wins produced

The Bad:
  • DeMar DeRozan: 111 minutes played, WP48 0.047, 0.11 wins produced
  • Alex Ajinca: 7 minutes played, WP48 -0.406, -0.06 wins produced
  • Trey Johnson: 26 minutes played, WP48 -0.147, -0.08 wins produced

The Ugly:
  • Sonny Weems: 99 minutes played, WP48 -0.097, -0.20 wins produced

Here are all the stats for the last three games (once again, my apologies for the double-scrolling problem):

This week, I'm mostly letting the number do the talking. But here are some brief thoughts:

  • If you couldn't tell, Amir Johnson killed it this week.
  • And - shockingly - Bargnani killed the team's chances of winning.
  • DeRozan and Weems were as "helpful" as usual.
  • Bargnani, DeRozan, and Weems played 43% of the team's minutes and took 54% of the team's shots to score 48% of the team's points. They also combined to produce -0.81 win over three games.
  • Bargnani sure did a good job of getting to the line though!
  • Too bad he secured extra possessions about as well as an average SG.
  • Jose almost made it to 20 assists the other night - so close.

 - Devin


  1. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bad sign that Dwyane Wade grabs more rebounds per game than Bargnani does, even though Wade is eight inches shorter and plays the 2 instead of 5?

  2. But if you compare Bargnani's numbers to the average SG, Bargnani actually looks like a good player! He's just a SG stuck in a C's body! It's really not fair of me to compare him to other centres, even though he plays most of his time there and is always the biggest Raptor on the court.

    /silly fan rant

    (I'm sure someone will quote-mine me one day and take this out of context)

  3. 7 foot shooting guards? What's next, Goliath at centre...err, center?

  4. (Although I should admit, Kevin Durant is pretty close.)