Saturday, July 31, 2010

Advice? Constructive criticism?

I'm new at this here blogging thing, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the blog (or the content of the blog) please feel free to to give them to me in the form of comments.

Now, obviously, that doesn't mean I want to hear about how much I suck, or how much the Raptors suck, or how great Kobe Bryant is (kidding). I'm asking for constructive criticism. And just because I am taking suggestions doesn't mean that I will implement everything that comes my way, either.

Rest assured, however, that any good idea thrown my way will be hijacked.

 - Devin.


  1. Allowing your entire blog to be readin rss readers might be a good start in keeping a readership. If I have to click through, I read it last.

  2. Devin,

    Hey I have a good story you might be interested in doing a full post on. Obviously don't want to play spoiler in the comments. You can e-mail me at